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Industrial and Commercial Caulking and Sealing


We specialize in Joint Sealants,
Concrete Repairs, Thermal & Moisture Protection, Slab Stabilization and
many other waterproofing applications.

About Us

Mountain Heritage Inc. has been active in the commercial construction industry since 1986 which is also the year it was founded by Edd and Todd Reese and incorporated in the State of Georgia in October 1995. Through the years Mountain Heritage Inc. has completed Hundreds of top-notch caulking and sealant jobs while building solid, working relationships with our general contractors as well as our material suppliers. Additionally, safety is paramount at Mountain Heritage Inc.; whereby committing daily to the overall safety and welfare of all our employees, as well as all the project site employees. All our employees are trained in all areas of safety through our Safety, Health, Injury & Illness Prevention program. This is coupled with OSHA 10 Hour & 30 Hour Construction Training Certifications, Aerial Platform Safety Certifications, First Aid, CPR, and ongoing weekly Tailgate/Toolbox Safety Training. Our philosophy and values are defined through our attitude of excellence and safety.

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